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This Blog has originated whilst I was in the process of finding a new home for my husband and me and my studio. After almost four years of searching we found what we were looking for in 2016 and settled there. It is an old red-brick farm in the north of Westphalia. From 2017 on this Blog became the space for news from our garden and the life on the farmhouse and in its rural surroundings.

In 2017 my studio opened up in the new place and with its new name: The Fork and Broom Press. It goes without saying that there was a new webspace, too. This is where you find news and information about my work, my studio, my experiences – be they recent or from the past – art projects, events and fairs. It deals with various themes in some detail: my art work, what inspired me to do it, how an idea grew and took form. It puts my work and my pieces of art work in their context:

Bilingual English/German webspace:

The pressroom at The Fork and Broom Press, located in the former cattle stable of the old farmhouse

By putting up this static page here on my blog I want to make sure, that everybody keen on learning more about my studio and my work has easy access to those websites. Here I’ll give you all the links you need with a short description. Feel free to browse and have fun checking them out.


My first ever website went online in 2001 and got a thorough brush-up or re-design in 2006. With the new webspace working this old one has become a kind of archive. There is a lot of information on letterpress printing, relief printing, woodcut and bookbinding. There is a large section on metal type, both the founts I have on stock and some special features that might not be so obvious in digital typography but become very much so when working with material type, be it of metal or of wood. There are many links to fairs and museums and colleagues and some suppliers:

In German:

Journal - upcycled

Journal – upcycled

In 2010 a special website went online which can be described in short as the catalogue of useful things I make. These would be greeting cards and journals, visitor’s books, Christmas cards, concertina books to write/draw/paint in. One large section is on books for recipes another on travel dairies. All these books are completely handmade by me. I fold the sections, I sew the blocks, I make the covers. A special feature of my books are covers made using fabric, e. g. African hand batik or linen that traditionally would have been (and still is being) used for making kitchen towels. Also, I have a small and fine range of up-cycled books using old books from the 1950s and 1960s:

The German site

Book for recipes - towel linen

Book for recipes – towel linen

Escaping The Embers - print for "Absence and Presence"

Escaping The Embers – print for “Absence and Presence”

There is one more family member. It is a combined English + German website and it is all on the international artists’ project „al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here!“ It comes with all the links you need to stay tuned and/or get involved yourself:

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