Turn The Page Norwich 3rd + 4th May


It was a cold and wet Easter back in 1985 when I was on a 4-week BritRail tour around counties in England. I had been on a long walk around Beverley and by the time I got back I was soaked. When I got to the friary I found a lovely fire burning in the fireplace, the room warm and filled with a joyful group of cyclists who had all got soaked just like me. Half of the chairs were colourfully dressed in wet clothes and put in front of the open fire. The remaining chairs were occupied by people with mugs talking happily.


While taking a picture of a peculiar clock in Kings Lynn a passer-by asked me whether I knew anything about this clock. And since I denied he explained it to me. It was an old but sophisticated device to tell the time of the tide. Apparently it was stunningly precise.


I have met people on trains, in towns and youth hostels. I was taken to a gaslamp lit pub which was said to be the last of its kind. The images and stories I brought home are enough to fill a good number of books. „Cumbria“ will be the first of them. It’ll come with woodcuts showing places around Keswick and Derwent Water.


The new book will be out at this year’s Turn The Page on 3rd and 4th May. The fair is held in the glass atrium of the Forum in the city centre of Norwich and will be open 10 am-6pm both days. Find out more about the event and all that goes with it here: www.turnthepage.org.uk

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